Name: Sarim Noor

Birth Name: Muhammad Noor Islam

Date of Birth: 2nd December 1992 

Height: 5 foots and 8 inch

Nationality: Pakistani

Ethic Background: Muslim (Sunni, Hanafi)

Birthday Place: Noor House (Korangi), Karachi, Pakistan,

Schooling – Fahama Public School, Karachi, Pakistan (2007-2009)
Intermediate (Intermediate degree in Commerce) – Private College, Karachi (2011-2013)
Graduation – Graduation Continue in B.B.A
Post-Graduation – Master’s Degree in Mass Communications INSHALLAH

Academic Achievements:
SA Brilliant Student, Sword of Honor to the most outstanding student, I captained in my cricket team. I was a king in Math and Biology

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Languages: English, Urdu