Daily Routine

I get up early in the morning and i say thanks to Allah who gives me chance again for correcting my life and then i perform namaz, i recite glorious quran and read Hadees and then i sleep again and after that again i always get up again at nine o’ clock, i have a shower. i have breakfast at half past nine then i get dressed and i go to office.

I work from 10 o’clock to 5:30 o’clock with a NGO as a Assistant Accountant.

after office i go to in a academy five days of week where i learn english language.

in weekend friday, saturday and sunday i go to in an organization where i do some welfare work

but after my classes in the start of week i go to home and spend time with family and then i go to the gym three times a week on monday , wednesday and thursday and then from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock i watch news and use social media but in the weekend i reach to home at 12 O’clock..

after 12 o’clock i work 2 hours as a web devolper 2 days in a week and i also work as a NLE for a web tv channel 2 days in a week and i also work as a seceratary social media for a Youth Organization 2 days in a week and then i sleep after 2 o’clock.