I am Sarim Noor S/o. Noor ul Alam and i am only 25 years old and i have completed I.COM and nowadays i am doing job with education and i do job as a Assistant Accountant with an NGO.

In my family, we are eight members . There are two brothers and three sisters.

My hobbies are reading books, playing and watching cricket, listening music and all always suffering internet chat on social media site.

I like to see the sunrise in the morning and i also like to see moonlight, i like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autmn and snow in winter and i like all fruits, vegetables, foods and i also like tea and coffe and i take tea two cups maximium four cups in a day.

My weakness is i can’t say “NO” when anyone tell me for helping of anyone and my strength is that i always try trying to make myself adaptable to the situation.

I always want to achive my aim by doing hardwork and wants to become a self-dependent person and also want to achive success. i also want to be a great writer like Allama Iqbal.